As the world's largest green and clean energy specialist in the oil and gas sector, we will recruit, develop and retain a highly motivated, skilled and innovation orientated team.



We will develop long term, co-operative, team based relationships, with our customers to ensure that their needs are met in a timely manner.



We will develop long term, mutually beneficial relationships with our service providers.

Who We Are?

Great Waves Global Energy is a boutique energy group. Our focus is to identify and finance opportunities which create value in the midstream/upstream oil and gas sector. GWGE provides consultancy services to the Energy/Power and Agro allied industries. Management team with over 80 years combined experience. Core Values: Integrity, Persistence, Customer Focus, Innovation and Continuous Learning

Consultancy Services

We help place value to an energy process and infrastructure sector provider. And we make sure that our provider maximize profits, avoid mistakes and take advantage of what the market is doing at the time.


Drilling Services

In the drilling industry, everyone knows that time is money. GWGE appreciates that equation - and we design drilling programs that not only increase recoveries, but also lower costs by minimizing nonproductive time, boosting production rates and requiring smaller expenditures of capital.


Production Enhancement

Our services include stimulation services, sand control pumping, Pinnacle micro seismic fracture mapping and reservoir monitoring, stimulation vessels, and nitrogen services.


Gas Monetization

We have global capability and long-term experience covering all types of gas monetization projects across the whole value chain including: onshore and offshore gas gathering and production systems; LNG liquefaction plants and regasification terminals, gas-to-liquids (GTL), gas-to-chemicals and gasification projects.


At Great-waves Global Limited, we will use modern, well designed, yet simple and easily understood business processes, supported by responsive information and feedback systems, which are continuously refined using the most up to date technology

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